Saturday, December 1, 2012


So I was soooooo anti THIS for a long time. Usually when you think of direct marketing, your instincts are to run the other direction, which was absolutely me! It's a bit ironic since my parents have made their fortune doing a company like this. It just never clicked with me and I went the complete opposite direction with it all. This time last year, I was about to pop with our 4th. Freddy's cousin came over to tell us about these "magic oils" he'd been using on his family for years. (If you're not familiar with essential oils, these are what I'm referring to.) I knew nothing about them nor did I care to learn. When I was then told it was a direct marketing company, I thought, "Absolutely not!! No way, no how! I'm quite happy with my drugs and I want no part of this!" I had Piper and had forgotten all about it when Boyd (Freddy's cousin) and his wife Sandy and came over to give us a kit of a few oils they use on a daily basis. I kinda rolled my eyes and threw them in the cupboard. Since it was sick season, Piper and the kids kept getting sick and I started to experiment with them. And also, with kids you can't avoid cuts and bruises and whatnot, so I would try different things on them and was blown away by the results I got! I didn't want to admit to anyone that I was freaking out a bit when I was running low on all the stuff I was using, but in the end I was admitting that the stuff was legit and amazing! Because I do have a deep respect for how the direct marketing works (and it does... my parents are incredible examples of it!), Freddy and I decided to try to work the business end of the company, though we were never pushed to pressured to do so. And we are doing incredibly well! It's not a quick buck, there's more work to be done before Freddy can leave the world of construction, but for now, I can say the products we are using are being paid for at this point. And really, that's all we need since we use a lot of product! What's great is I really feel like this is sort of my calling! I love helping people if they are in pain or have sick kids on all sorts of drugs, and feel secure in sharing a completely natural alternative. Even for infants. Some choose just to use the products and some want to join the business portion of the journey. We sincerely don't push that choice on anyone. We do have a website for anyone who wants to order anything without the pressures of signing anything: If and when someone falls in love with them, which happens more often than not, there are options to get a wholesale price. Some of my favorites? -Peppermint (an anti-inflammatory) for swelling, heartburn, congestion, nausea, headaches -Lavender for burns, restlessness, bee stings, cuts, bruises -Lemon just to drink in water for immune boost, sanitizer, natural antihistamine -Melaleuca for antifungal, acne, fevers, sore throughts and shivers -Digest Zen is a blend of oils for any digestive issues -Breathe for respiratory issues -On Guard for germ killing both internally and externally I'm happy to say I don't have a drug in my home. I got rid of all of them including ointments and creams, and I've never looked back! My kids love them. They know that there is an oil for everything and Piper has only experienced Tylenol once. Ever. Pretty amazing. (ALL ESSENTIAL OILS ARE NOT ALIKE! MANY CLAIM TO BE PURE, BUT ARE NOT!) Anyways, wanted to explain our new passion and lifestyle. We will be forever grateful to Boyd for enduring my eye rolling.;)Now it's our turn. And we don't mind a bit.

My medicine cabinet.

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